Why Should Biker Girls Ask a Guy out First

Hey, dear biker girls, I’m sure after ages of searching on biker dating sites you have probably had your own idea of what your dream biker guy would be like. And now, finally, the seemingly right motorcycle man just appeared on your match list on Harley dating website and the conversation between the biker man and biker women has been going for days and it’s going great! However, maybe you are one of those stubborn motorcycle women who stick to the outdated biker dating rule that every motorcycle man should always take initiative and take hold of the whole situation. And of course, there are probably a slew amount reasons from Harley women who’s trying to convince me-the veteran Harley motorcycle rider and motorcycle relationship counselor on free biker dating sites. Now it’s time to look at things from a brand new perspective because single Harley riders have just entered the modern dating world. Following are the reasons why Harley women should be more active and reach out first.

It’s more than sexy
Harley man like to be surprised. The unconventional behavior of a bold motorcycle girls will definitely do the trick and grab the attention of your motorcycle guy in no time. Because it does not only show that the Harley girls who reach out first are brave and courageous, but also speaks for their confidence, which is one of the most sexy traits in a female Harley rider.

It makes you stand out from other biker chicks
Well, not only your male Harley rider will remember you because you are different from all the other shy and self-conscious biker ladies, but all the people around you. What’s wrong for being a bit high key in a good way?

You won’t be the passive party in a relationship
Forget about the cliche that taking initiative makes motorcycle babes look desperate, which is not true. In opposite, it gives motorcycle ladies more chance to be in charge in a biker relationship. What do you have to lose, right?

You will have more chance to be with your dream biker dude
It is different from when a motorcycle dude takes initiative, which exposes them in the risks of being rejected. I’m not even exaggerating, but when a motorcycle lady reach out first, it’s 25 times more easier to be accepted.

It simply sets the undertone for you
If you are lucky enough to be with your man biker by taking initiative first, he will always remember that you are the women biker full of surprises who doesn’t like to play games in a motorcycle relationship. Not only does the memory is exciting enough to spicy things up between female Harley rider, but also makes the connection with your soul mate more unique than all the other ones out there. Aside from the benefits it brings to your relationship, getting used to take initiative gets you a longer way in both your life and career.