Advice for Biker Women: How to Drop Subtle Hints to Tell Him You Like Him

Even though there are more and more biker dating advice saying biker women should play a more active role in a relationship. Which is great for biker girls to break the age old stereotype of being submissive. However, there are times when motorcycle women are just simply shy, or want biker man to take initiative first for whatever reasons. When motorcycle girls start to grow feeling on a motorcycle guy, it’s sometimes hard to drop the hint when you want it to be both subtle and effective: there is no doubt that Harley women want them to realize that they are definitely interested in him, but at same time, Harley girls don’t want to come off as desperate in front of their Harley guy. In order to help single Harley riders who are passionate about Harley motorcycle bike riding to master the art of how to drop subtle hints, here are a few well assembled Harley dating tips to help female Harley riders to show their interest in a proper and sexy way.

Rule number one: casual conversation always works. The last thing female Harley rider want to do is panic, take it easy and start to make casual conversation with your male Harley biker. Starting off with planning something small would be a good idea: such as a picnic beside the lake, a romantic movie in a movie theater or a exciting ride together on a motorcycle while chasing the sunset. The trick is not to label it as a date with your motorcycle dude. Also, make it sound like it’s nothing more than a splurge of enthusiasm such as “Hey, Dave, my friend, who’s also a Harley motorcycle rider is going to hold a birthday party tonight, you coming?” In this case, motorcycle chick will be giving little pressure on the motorcycle dude, which will greatly increase the chance of asking your dream Harley dude out.

Rule number two of subtle flirting is always prioritize moderation. Biker chicks are strongly suggested to tease their special biker dudes while making sexual jokes which are not too heavy. One of the most essential point motorcycle ladies have to keep in mind is that making self-demeaning jokes is get them nowhere but make them come off as a insecure biker babe. For instance, if the motorcycle gentle man you fancy is now working on a school programme, motorcycle lady can just appear out of nowhere while saying: “I bet you are the most hard working guy among all the single Harley riders!”. Besides, slight sarcasm also works pretty well too and being a little bit ironic will make motorcycle chicks stand out from all the other shy ones.

Aside from engaging actively in conversations with your make biker, it of equal importance to listen. Drop hints that you are interested in what the motorcycle dude is talking about, whether it’s by nodding and smiling at him.