How to Invite a Girl for Your First Riding Date?

Waiting for a girl to ride with your for your first motorcycle date
As a biker guy, it is exciting to have a girl siting on the back of your motorcycle and ride out for a motorcycle date. In fact, asking a girl to ride out together for a biker dating is very easy for some male motorcycle riders who are cool and handsome. But the way to ask is based on how well you know her and what relationship you are. Single biker men should adopt completely different way for a complete stranger or a girl you already know or your date. However, the fundamental factor to have a Harley motorcycle dating is to take the purpose to know her with bikers and to show that you are attracted by herself, not by what she looks.

If single bikers are going to ask a strange girl to have a riding date, pay attention to the first question. “You look beautiful. Would you like to go for a ride with me?” This is a question male motorcycle riders shouldn’t ask to a strange girl. If you do, it is likely she will just ignore you and go away. Biker men should ask some gender-neutral questions involving with direction or location. This kind of opening remarks will make it easy for women to disarm themselves and talk with this strange biker. Of course, if she replies with additional questions, then motorcycle riders should know that she is interested in you and want to know more about you. Then just talk with her and compliment her for her kindness. If the timing is right, just ask her for a date on your motorcycle.

If the targets of bikers are the girls they already know well, how about tell them how you feel first. Find a romantic restaurant and ask her to grab a bite to eat. After that, tell her you really enjoy the time with her and want to keep her by your side. And tell her you want a biker girl to ride with you for the rest of you life and you are sure that she is the one. Tell her that you are positive to lead a better life with her since she is the first one who can totally understand this biking lifestyle. If she doesn’t interrupt you and smile happily, then she is your biker woman from that moment. Then seize the chance to have your first riding date.

If she is already dating with biker, then there should be no problem. She is willing to date a biker man, then she must interested in motorcycling or biking lifestyle. Besides, interest can also be developed. You need to tell her how wonderful it is to have a riding date on the motorcycle. If this is her first time to ride on the back of Harley riders, you need to get her well prepared. It’s your responsibility to keep her safe for your dating on motorcycles. And it is also a good chance to show off in front of her. Just remember, ride safely.