Why More Women Like Riding Motorcycles

More women like to ride motorcycle with other biker singles
Black Hills is the place to hold the Sturgis Rally and it would get all types of couple and single motorcycle riders together. The 75th Stugis Rally also brought kinds of bikers to the Black Hills. There are couple bikers riding together, as well as single Harley riders. But women who ride a motorcycle alone don’t get much attention as usual.

Pepper Massey got something to say about this situation. She is a female Harley rider and an honorary member of the motorcycle club – Wind and Fire. She said that the story of motorcycling should not be told only by men bikers. Women motorcycle riders have every right to tell many stories just as men bikers do. “I learned that women have been riding and racing motorcycles since motorcycles were created. We have been riding as long as biker men ride. We just don’t talk about it often.” She tries hard to let female and male motorcycle riders understand that. And she also tries her best to encourage women to take up motorcycling. She said, “I think many women misunderstood that the motorcycle is too big to master for them. In fact, there is a big chance for women bikers to find at least one motorcycle that is suitable for them to ride. If you are interested in riding on the bikes, I have nothing to say but two things. Just make your mind to do it and take a course for motorcycle safety riding. ”

A motorcycle can be a scary thing to some new women motorcycle riders. Jodi is a female motorcycle rider riding her own motorcycle to the rally. She said that she was forced to ride the bike. She was very happy to be a passenger on the back of her husband’s bike. But her husband got sick and then passed away. Before that, he said to her that he wanted her to have the bike and learn how to ride. “That was why I overcame my fear of the motorcycles. But I suddenly realized that I just love riding after I rode for the first time.”

For some women Harley riders, they consider the motorcycle riding as a lifetime activity. Kellee started riding in 1975 and she is still riding at the age of 65. “Well, when women riders heard about me, they would put everything down and start to ride.” But, it was very hard for her to ride a motorcycle at that age when women riding motorcycles wasn’t acceptable. “It is a different time now. There are so many women riding their own motorcycles. And I think there will be more women riders than men riders someday.”

Riding motorcycles will give women bikers awesome feeling and freedom. “Hi, I’m Melissa and I come from Oceanside, CA.” Melissa said she started riding motorcycle when she was young. But marriage and kids forced her to give up riding. Now since her kids are grown, she comes back on her motorcycle again. “I just feel like that I have been kept in a cage for many years. And now, I am free again on my own motorcycle. ”