Tips to Deal with Jealousy for Harley Motorcycle Riders

If you are in a relationship with another biker guy or biker girls that you met on online biker dating sites, first, I would like to congratulate you guys because not every single Harley rider is lucky enough to meet a compatible biker man or biker women online, let along take the relationship to another whole new level. In this beautiful relationship between motorcycle guys and motorcycle girls, jealousy can be the root cause to a lot of problems, and here are a few biker dating tips for male Harley riders and female Harley riders to deal with this intense feeling.

Firstly, get figure out why the emotion jealousy arise at the initial place. When biker babes start to care for someone, especially when the feeling grows intense, the fear of losing the motorcycle babes might take place, which is totally natural. Yet, again, when thoughts and feelings of jealousy become extreme, there is conflicts, which will cause serious problems, even breakups. According to dating experts on online Harley dating sites, jealousy stem from insecurities. So, how do we deal with it?

1.Avoid acting on emotions.
I know it sounds very hard and unreal, but there is a way. Jealousy is not a bad thing, the real trouble is when biker chicks and biker dudes let it control what they do, or even consume you. It is totally natural to feel the urge to act on your feelings, but note how you feel is not because of jealousy itself, but how you profess the feeling, which finally result in your actions. Thus, dear motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes, when jealousy hits you the next time, accept the feelings, however, change the way you process the feeling and think about the situation before acting on it irrationally.

2.Calm down and show your vulnerability
If you love the biker gentlemen or biker ladies, you will express your vulnerable side to them. What you need to do is to calm down and open your heart to the motorcycle babe. Let your biker partner know that you are feeling insecure and vulnerable because of what happened. However, keep in mind that you should calm down first.

3.Appreciate yourself
Finally, let’s get down to the root cause of jealousy: insecurity. One of the main reasons why motorcycle ladies and motorcycle gentlemen get jealous is their low self-esteem and insecurity. Thus, to deal with jealousy, you need to know the importance of appreciating yourself more, and try to build a higher self-esteem. Stop seeking validation from your biker babe every time when you feel insecure, because you cannot feed off the approval and affirmation of your Harley girls or Harley guy forever.  

4.Trust what you have.
The relationship is beautiful, and stop picturing it in a negative way. Because it will only become better with your credence and support. Giving a bit more credit to your Harley women or Harley man will help make the relationship much better.