How to make the first kiss memorable for Harley bikers

For those Harley motorcycle riders who have found their dream biker girlfriend or biker boyfriend on a biker dating site, having the first kiss with your Harley motorcycle date can definitely turn the biker relationship up to a notch, of course, only if you do it right. For some single Harley riders who are not as experienced and still have confusions on the love seeking road in searching of another Harley motorcycle male or Harley motorcycle female, first kiss can undoubtedly be a daunting experience which would either further enhance your relationship with your biker date, or, unfortunately, push it into a dead end. As the question of how to make the first kiss memorable with your Harley men or Harley women has echoed throughout ages, now provides all its registered biker users with the most efficient and useful biker dating ups on how to correctly execute the first kiss.

Before you think about any of the kissing skills such as how to stir your tongue in her month while french kissing your women Harley rider/men Harley rider, keep in mind the the most important step is that you will actually do it. There is no point to memorize all the technical kissing skill but are not even able to pluck up the courage to have a peck on his/her cheek. Beat the fear and hesitation that fill your heart and go for it! As the saying goes “One moment contains all moments”, you never know what next is waiting for you after the first courageous kiss on your biker date.

Hey, hey, not now, don’t just kiss your compatible Harley motorcycle lover in such a rush. Before you actually break the physical barrier, make sure that you are kissable. Put a piece of mint, which you won’t have to spit out like chewing gum, will not only keep your breath fresh, but also gives your biker partner a subtle mint that you are ready to get intimate. Moreover, don’t ever neglect the power of scent, which can greatly maximize the chance of having a memorable kiss for your Harley dating.

Even if you are bold enough to make the first move and at the same time, kissable, don’t rush to jump to the first kiss yet. It takes more than a little to break the mental barrier. Make seemingly casual body and eye contact will do you lot’s of favor. For example, touch his/her shoulder while making a joke about Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle, at the same time, look into the eyes of your biker dude or biker lady to boost the hormones between each other.

Last but not least, do it when you feel like it. There is no a so-called perfect moment when you are absolutely confident but thousands of right moments that you’ve missed.

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