What Motorcycling Tours Taught Me

Motorcycle tour dating on the country roads
Two years ago, I chose to date on a biker dating site and thought that I could take the chance to meet my perfect biker girl. Lucky for me, I successfully found a biker lady online and we established a serious relationship quickly. One of our favorite dating activities is taking a motorcycle trip on the beautiful open roads which is so wonderful and exciting. During the past two years, we have gained some practical riding skills and a few tricks and lessons to overcome some situations on the road. Here are things that we learned.

Be ready for anything
This has been mentioned for several times, but you really should be well-prepared for anything that could happen during your riding with a biker date. Before the motorcycle riding, do whatever you can to research, plan ahead and pack every basic items for the conditions. It is fun and exciting to ride out with nothing prepared, but you are riding a motorcycle and safety is your priority.

Road conditions may not as good as you expect
It is great to choose a main road for motorcycle touring. But those main roads on the map may turn out to be not what you expected. Things change fast, which make it hard to tell if a road is steep or smooth based on a map. So before riding out, make sure to do researches on the road that you are going to ride and have a backup road if the road condition is too bad to ride. Don’t allow your biker girl to try sandy and dirt roads, which will make her feel uncomfortable.

Weather may change quickly
Some stubborn riders may think there is no need to carry rain gear when riding out as long as the weather forecast says there is no rain. But it may not always be accurate. If there is rain when you are riding on the road, especially in a remote area, you will know who thankful that you bring rain gear with you. With rain gear, bikers can continue the motorcycle riding with their biker date to the next town or stop.

Watch out for the critters
It is possible to encounter animals walking on the road when you are riding from one town to another. They are beautiful and graceful, but they are also easy to be scared. For beginner riders, they should not to swerve suddenly for the animals on the road. Just be focused when riding on the country roads and try to brake for animals as possible as you can.

It is surely going to make you and your biker girl relaxed and at ease to ride on the country roads with beautiful views along the way. Just pick a destination and prepare items that will need on the road. Don’t be too concerned with how long the ride will take you to get there. Hope you will totally enjoy the motorcycle tour dating with your biker date!