Camping Dating Ideas for Single Biker Women and Men

Ride with your biker babe for a camping biker dating.
It can be said that motorcycle trip is actually closely connected with camping. Bikers who regularly travel by motorcycles know why. Motorcycle riders choose to travel by bikes, which means there is a huge chance that there will be no cheap hotel for them to sleep. Or they can be attracted by a beautiful spot and want to stay there for the night. And maybe it is a biker man’s plan to have a camping dating with a biker girl. No matter what the reasons are, how to have a perfect camping is necessary for single biker men and women, especially those who desire a wonderful camping dating.

Select a proper camping site
If bikers don’t plan to have a camping, then just choose a high and plat ground better near the water. But motorcycle guys who want to have a camping dating with a biker lady need to select a romantic and beautiful destination. If you have nothing in minds, just check the lists of local ideal camping site for camping dating. But avoid those sites where will have lots of guys. Or biker men can simply decide a place where their biker women can do their favorite activities, like fishing.

Romantic dinner & unexpected dinner
As a biker man, you should prepare the food earlier if a camping dating is planned, which is a good way to impress and surprise the biker girls. Bring a camp stove and cook the food you have on your motorcycle. The flickering light of the fire will make biker man and woman look great. Then eat in the wild with the sounds of wild lives, streams and the trees. Morning breakfast can be simple with coffee and pancakes topped with fresh strawberries.

A cozy tent is necessary
A comfortable tent plays an important role in making a great night and camping dating for bikers. Not everyone is happy to sleep on the ground, especially after a day ride for female motorcycle riders. So, biker men need to bring a big tent with a large self-inflating air mattress bed and pillows. And two sleeping bags that zip together can let biker couples cuddle through the night. Moreover, pitch the tent door facing the views, which will allow two motorcycle riders to enjoy the beautiful nature in the morning.

Timing your camp out
In fact, as long as biker men plan well for the camping dating, any time of the year can be perfect. Male bikers should always check the weather forecast before the camping dating. A little light rain can be delightful when biker couples nestling in the tent. But heavy falling deluge will be a disaster to your dating in the wild.

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