4 Motorcycle Travel Dating Tips for Bikers

Motorcycle travel dating is the first choice for bikers.
You and your biker man have been dating for a while. Everything is fine and you two both enjoy staying together for a long time. But all of a sudden, you just get bored of spending the weekends riding in your local area. So, you and your special Harley boyfriend decide to have a motorcycle travel dating to a beautiful place far away from your town, which sounds romantic and exciting. However, it may help you get better in your relationship with your biker man, and it also may be a disaster that you hoped you never did it. So, an enjoyable and perfect travel dating for bikers needs a good preparation.

1. Maybe you and your biker guy have something in common and that’s why you decide to date him. But, you are two different person and have different thoughts. And your idea of a perfect motorcycle travel dating may be different from your biker man’s. You may want to ride on the tracks and stay in hotels, while your Harley motorcycle riding partner wants to ride on the highways and camping for the night. So, before riding out, discuss your expectations and make sure you two reach a consensus.

2. Here is a tip for biker girls, just pack light. Although there will be at least one motorcycle to carry your luggage, it is better to bring something necessary, like a set of clothes for biker babe to change. Don’t bother to think to bring daily toning gear, hair appliances, bulky gadgets and something as heavy as dumbbells. You and your Harley man are going on a motorcycle travel dating, not a leisure vacation on the beaches.

3. Just take it easy when things go the wrong way. The whole travel dating for two bikers will be a great and romantic dating, but there will be something that will put both of you in a bad mood. The road you plan to ride through is blocked by natural disasters, your motorcycles go wrong with mechanical problems or other small things that will destroy the romantic moments. Instead of getting out of temper or blaming each other, biker man and woman should just be flexible and go with the flow.

4. Spontaneity is a critical factor for a memorable motorcycle travel dating. Regardless of the fact that you and your biker man have had a good plan of things to do and places to visit, you can always keep the options open. Travel dating is about to let two bikers have fun and enjoy the time they are together. The plan can be changed and biker guys can do whatever they want to do during the dating.