How to Win the Heart of Your Harley Rider

So you have finally decided to start your love searching journey on one of the biker dating sites, and here you are, among a tremendous amount of single Harley riders, you have finally matched with this motorcycle man or motorcycle women with who you can imagine having a future with. But aside from the cliche story of princess and prince leading a perfectly happy life together, the love life of you and your Harley man and Harley women have gone a bit off south because the heart of the biker man or biker women seems to be impossible to win. You have being like a starving prey haunting for your prowl, but the chase seems to never end. You keep wondering: what is wrong? Maybe the biker dude or biker chick is not meant for me? But how wonderful would it be to have the special rider of Harley Davidson bike in my life...

But now let’s both look back on the past: have you been focusing on kneeling and begging, trying to convince your Harley guy or Harley girl by letting go of your dignity? Which will not only push your ideal male Harley rider or female Harley rider further away, but also make him/her think you are a motorcycle enthusiast without value. What is the most useful and effective way to win the heart of your biker chicks and motorcycle dude? Let’s take a look at the biker dating advice on the biggest Harley dating websites.

As much as you claim how much you love your biker babes, then stop taking him/her for grand. A dose of romance of a sympathetic move on a regular basis will fuel the love and desire of your Harley girl or Harley dude for you. There is another problem that most men bikers face-they feel emasculated by being romantic. What a shame! If any male rider thinks this way, then they don’t deserve their women biker, whose life needs attention, dedication and last but not least, affection.

If your goal if to win the heart of your male Harley rider or female Harley rider, get to know him/her better first! Keep in mind that you can’t be the ordinary biker guy or biker girl who’s obsessed with the old ass of of pursuing the other biker half, but get out of your comfort zone and be unpredictable. Take initiative and be creative and make your motorcycle chicks or motorcycle dude think that you are a motorcycle lover who is full of surprise and who always blow him/her away. For example, if you are known to be a bad cook, learn to back a delicious brownie which is not hard to make for baking starters. And sneak your motorcycle partner a self made brownie during his/her busy working days will surly soften the hardest part of his/her hart. Or try to accomplish something together such as a drawing or a crossword, which also works well for Harley singles on free biker dating sites.

Expert Dating Tips for Bikers

Biker dating can be quite tricky nowadays because every Harley motorcycle rider is sort of busy and stressed in a way. However, with the emergence of a various kind of online biker dating websites caters to single biker women and biker women who are looking for compatible motorcycle women or motorcycle men to conduct an active social life with, dating life for Harley women and Harley men seems to be greatly facilitated. In order to maximize the dating quality for a mass number of single Harley riders who are passionate with Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle, one of the largest online Harley dating websites have compiled 3 expert biker dating tips to help you.

Have an outstanding profile
Once you decided to put yourself out there among a huge number of single biker girls as well as single biker guys, you need to create an outstanding profile which is eye catching enough to attract the attention of your potential biker are a few points you need to pay attention to: first of all, not only post your selfies, but also pictures that shows your personality. For example, if you are a big fan of Harley Davidson bike, post a picture of you riding on it! Secondly, be straight and interesting at the same time. Do not ever try to picture a perfect image that doesn’t fit into the reality. While being honest, you have to be interesting to catch the eye of the potential motorcycle babe too by using some hilarious or famous movie line in your bio. Last but not least, don’t just say Hi or What’s up to your matches since it is just boring! Asking a question regarding the preferences of passion of your motorcycle girls motorcycle guy will be a much better choice.

Make sure you want the same thing.
There are a tremendous amount of biker chicks and biker dudes on motorcycle dating sites looking for another half, however, their intention is not necessarily the same. Some are looking for friends to ride bike with, however, others are looking for a biker girlfriend or biker boyfriend or just some random friends with benefits. Thus before you agreed on going on a date with your cute motorcycle girls or motorcycle dude, make sure you two want the same thing in order to avoid future drama.

Last but not least, follow your heart and feelings.
There is actually no rules that can make sure every registered Harley men or Harley women to find their compatible Harley girls or Harley guys. The only way is to be genuine and keep trying. The more Harley motorcycle riders you meet, the bigger chance you will have when it comes to meet the right motorcycle rider for you. Instead of biker dating rules, you need to trust your own feelings and instincts which will eventually lead you to an active and successful dating life.
Good luck, all the single Harley riders on free motorcycle dating sites!

The reasons why you should date a biker

Bike riding has never been considered as the mainstream lifestyle for a huge number of people. But there is certainly an increasing amount of Harley motorcycle riders who have been attracting a lot more attention from those who are not passionate about the Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle. Biker dating is probably never considered by those who are not a part of the world of Harley Davidson bike, however, as one of the founders of the most famous free Harley dating sites, I think it is time to talk about why you should date a male Harley rider or female Harley rider.

They are not the conventional type.
Dating someone who care too much about the rules that the society impose on us can be extremely tiring because he or she can probably never be their true self under the eyes of the others. However, it is completely different with the biker lovers and motorcycle enthusiasts who are always on their Harley Davidson bike and chasing after the excitement. One thing they are excel at is getting out of their comfort zone and explore the things that they have never stepped their foot in, which can undoubtedly bring a lot more fun and excitement in your life.

They are much more adventurous.
It is all about the speed and the excitement that the motorcycle women and motorcycle man are crazy about. Thus they are also much more adventurous than those who are not into extreme outdoor activities. Being a Harley man or Harley women means an enormous amount of energy to go out of their comfort zone and explore the new aspects in life. If you are someone who is relatively timid or lack of courage, dating a biker women or biker man can be a great component for you.

They are not afraid of difficulties.
Once talking about motorcycle girls or motorcycle guy, the very first impression is probably the helmet, leather jacket and a giant motorcycle zooming away with an extreme high speed. However, what they don’t see behind the seemingly cool image is that the amount of sweat they shed. To be a great man biker or women biker requires a huge amount of time and energy and going through a tremendous amount of obstacles. Therefore biker dating with a motorcycle woman or motorcycle man means dating someone who is not afraid of difficulties and obstacles, and who is capable of dealing with the hardest time of your life.

They are easy going.
If you are dating a biker chick or biker dude, you don;t have to take them to the fancy restaurant where a single drop of white wine costs a dollar, instead, their favorite kind of date is a cheesy burger on the side of the road. Dating a motorcycle chicks or motorcycle dude is the start of going into a fun and easy going life.

How to make the first kiss memorable for Harley bikers

For those Harley motorcycle riders who have found their dream biker girlfriend or biker boyfriend on a biker dating site, having the first kiss with your Harley motorcycle date can definitely turn the biker relationship up to a notch, of course, only if you do it right. For some single Harley riders who are not as experienced and still have confusions on the love seeking road in searching of another Harley motorcycle male or Harley motorcycle female, first kiss can undoubtedly be a daunting experience which would either further enhance your relationship with your biker date, or, unfortunately, push it into a dead end. As the question of how to make the first kiss memorable with your Harley men or Harley women has echoed throughout ages, now provides all its registered biker users with the most efficient and useful biker dating ups on how to correctly execute the first kiss.

Before you think about any of the kissing skills such as how to stir your tongue in her month while french kissing your women Harley rider/men Harley rider, keep in mind the the most important step is that you will actually do it. There is no point to memorize all the technical kissing skill but are not even able to pluck up the courage to have a peck on his/her cheek. Beat the fear and hesitation that fill your heart and go for it! As the saying goes “One moment contains all moments”, you never know what next is waiting for you after the first courageous kiss on your biker date.

Hey, hey, not now, don’t just kiss your compatible Harley motorcycle lover in such a rush. Before you actually break the physical barrier, make sure that you are kissable. Put a piece of mint, which you won’t have to spit out like chewing gum, will not only keep your breath fresh, but also gives your biker partner a subtle mint that you are ready to get intimate. Moreover, don’t ever neglect the power of scent, which can greatly maximize the chance of having a memorable kiss for your Harley dating.

Even if you are bold enough to make the first move and at the same time, kissable, don’t rush to jump to the first kiss yet. It takes more than a little to break the mental barrier. Make seemingly casual body and eye contact will do you lot’s of favor. For example, touch his/her shoulder while making a joke about Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle, at the same time, look into the eyes of your biker dude or biker lady to boost the hormones between each other.

Last but not least, do it when you feel like it. There is no a so-called perfect moment when you are absolutely confident but thousands of right moments that you’ve missed.

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Dating Tips Provided by Biker Friends for Biker Singles

If you are a single biker looking to hook up with local single motorcycle women or men, please try to learn some dating skill first. provides not only special dating tips for biker singles and motorcycle friends but also information about biker lifestyle. As a biker single girl or boy, you should make it clear why, where, when and how to use a biker dating site to find your special riding partner. will help answer all those question about dating a biker. DatingBiker is the right place for men and women motorcycle singles since it will help single biker women and men pick out the right biker dating site for meeting their special single Harley riders. Meeting up with girls and men on motorcycle is not difficult any more as long as you become a reader of DatingBiker.

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Single biker men and women must often feel painful to fill out a right biker lover in real life and as well as on on online biker dating sites. It is unwise for motorcycle riders to not take it seriously, because it is important to make themselves appealing among thousands of single riders. Therefore, more female bikers will be attracted. For those biker singles who want a motorcycle travel dating, placing a dating profile online not only to prove they are potential dating partners, but also increase the chance to meet a motorcycle traveling companions. Here are some tips for male and female motorcycle riders to make you more attractive.

When you see "motorcycle guys want to hook up with a single woman", you may think most biker men just want to meet up with a girl who can ride on the backseat of their Harley motorcycle. Yes, you may be right since we can see many biker couples riding on the road. But in fact, you are not 100% right since you are not a real male motorcycle rider. As a veteran motorcycle man, they prefer riding with their biker lady on two motorcycles. One of the important riding style is about free riding, but not carrying any people on their bike while riding on the country road. The reason that a biker man would like to pick you as his passenger is because of his dedication, so please try to love a biker guy if he always to give your a passenger position.

Most biker women are turned into real rider from passenger rider. Almost all women would like to ride on the back of their Harley guy lover at the beginning since they can enjoy the motorcycle riding passionate moment without fear of the riding skill. Many women select to ride as a passenger all their lives, but more women like to control a motorcycle by themselves as long as they try to ride for the first time since controlling your motorcycle is different from being controlled by others. As a result, you can see 35% biker girls are looking for a passenger seat on the biker dating site, and 65% of them are seeking riding partner who can date with them for love.

It can be said that motorcycle trip is actually closely connected with camping. Single biker women and men who regularly travel by motorcycles know the reason. Male and female motorcycle riders always choose to travel by their own motorcycle, which means there is a huge chance that there will be no cheap hotel for them to sleep. Or they can be attracted by a beautiful spot and want to stay there for the night. And maybe it is the male biker’s plan to have a camping dating with his biker girl. No matter what the reasons are, how to have a perfect camping is necessary for biker men and women, especially those who desire a wonderful camping dating.

Many years ago, before the online dating service became widely available, hooking up with a single biker girl or motorcycle man was limited to the local towns where bikers were not that easy to be found. Now, online biker dating site makes biker travel dating make easy for all. After some days of online dating, and everything is fine and you two both want to enjoy staying together for a long time, it is time for you to plan a motorcycle travel dating to a beautiful place far away from your town, which sounds romantic and exciting. However, it may help you get better in your relationship with your biker man, and it also may be a disaster that you hoped you never did it. So, an enjoyable and perfect travel dating for bikers needs a good preparation.