Dating Tips Provided by Biker Friends for Biker Singles

If you are a single biker looking to hook up with local single motorcycle women or men, please try to learn some dating skill first. provides not only special dating tips for biker singles and motorcycle friends but also information about biker lifestyle. As a biker single girl or boy, you should make it clear why, where, when and how to use a biker dating site to find your special riding partner. will help answer all those question about dating a biker. DatingBiker is the right place for men and women motorcycle singles since it will help single biker women and men pick out the right biker dating site for meeting their special single Harley riders. Meeting up with girls and men on motorcycle is not difficult any more as long as you become a reader of DatingBiker.

1. - The No.1 biker dating site dedicated to biker matchmaking service for 14 years.
2. - Reviews of the top 5 biker dating sites including BikerKiss, Biker Planet ect.
3. - The first Harley Dating site for men and women Harley riders to meet up for love.
4. - Christian biker dating site for singles who love motorcycle riding and trust in the Lord.

Single biker men and women must often feel painful to fill out a right biker lover in real life and as well as on on online biker dating sites. It is unwise for motorcycle riders to not take it seriously, because it is important to make themselves appealing among thousands of single riders. Therefore, more female bikers will be attracted. For those biker singles who want a motorcycle travel dating, placing a dating profile online not only to prove they are potential dating partners, but also increase the chance to meet a motorcycle traveling companions. Here are some tips for male and female motorcycle riders to make you more attractive.

When you see "motorcycle guys want to hook up with a single woman", you may think most biker men just want to meet up with a girl who can ride on the backseat of their Harley motorcycle. Yes, you may be right since we can see many biker couples riding on the road. But in fact, you are not 100% right since you are not a real male motorcycle rider. As a veteran motorcycle man, they prefer riding with their biker lady on two motorcycles. One of the important riding style is about free riding, but not carrying any people on their bike while riding on the country road. The reason that a biker man would like to pick you as his passenger is because of his dedication, so please try to love a biker guy if he always to give your a passenger position.

Most biker women are turned into real rider from passenger rider. Almost all women would like to ride on the back of their Harley guy lover at the beginning since they can enjoy the motorcycle riding passionate moment without fear of the riding skill. Many women select to ride as a passenger all their lives, but more women like to control a motorcycle by themselves as long as they try to ride for the first time since controlling your motorcycle is different from being controlled by others. As a result, you can see 35% biker girls are looking for a passenger seat on the biker dating site, and 65% of them are seeking riding partner who can date with them for love.

It can be said that motorcycle trip is actually closely connected with camping. Single biker women and men who regularly travel by motorcycles know the reason. Male and female motorcycle riders always choose to travel by their own motorcycle, which means there is a huge chance that there will be no cheap hotel for them to sleep. Or they can be attracted by a beautiful spot and want to stay there for the night. And maybe it is the male biker’s plan to have a camping dating with his biker girl. No matter what the reasons are, how to have a perfect camping is necessary for biker men and women, especially those who desire a wonderful camping dating.

Many years ago, before the online dating service became widely available, hooking up with a single biker girl or motorcycle man was limited to the local towns where bikers were not that easy to be found. Now, online biker dating site makes biker travel dating make easy for all. After some days of online dating, and everything is fine and you two both want to enjoy staying together for a long time, it is time for you to plan a motorcycle travel dating to a beautiful place far away from your town, which sounds romantic and exciting. However, it may help you get better in your relationship with your biker man, and it also may be a disaster that you hoped you never did it. So, an enjoyable and perfect travel dating for bikers needs a good preparation. is for dating biker singles and Harley riders

Bikers, are usually known as thrill and excitement seeker, love to spend a beautiful day on their giant two-wheeled machine and make the most out the the joy from their motorcycle riding lifestyle. With the well-known image of being adventurous and independent, however, finding another like-minded biker lover can definitely bring the fun of biking experience to another level. That’s also why an rapidly increasing number of biker singles flock to a wide variety of online biker dating websites wishing to meet the special someone who are also passionate about motorcycle riding culture. Therefore looking for the right online dating website for biker enthusiasts which can meet the needs of biker singles becomes what matters most. According to the statistics of past 10 years, Harley Dating Site is the well-deserved number one biker online dating platform.

Proudly being the very first online matchmaker in the field of biker dating, Harley Dating Site has cateched all the attention among all the biker lovers once launched in 2004. For a total of 14 years, the website has been dedicating non-stop in order to help biker singles to connect with each other virtually and its painstaking effort has eventually paid off-more than 2.1 millions motorcycle women and motorcycle men have found love thanks to the professional biker dating site, which is high considered as a enormous success when compared to other similar online dating websites designed for biker enthusiasts.

Till today, the volume of the member base on Harley Dating Site still remains massive. With a total of 4.3 millions registered biker singles and a stable inflow of 300,000 biker lovers on a regular basis, Harley Dating Site is undoubtedly the largest online dating platform catering only to motorcycle riders. Harley singles can largely benefit from the sheer quantity and meet other motorcycle freaks from all over the world, moreover, the chance of getting their lives crossed with the most compatible and special one is greatly multiplied.

Harley Dating Site has also earned a remarkable reputation through its features tailored specifically for bikers of great practicability and originality. According to a survey conducted among all the registered motorcycle singles, the feature called “ask him/her” out stands out most. It allows harley members to update their latest status by posting personalized messages with the purpose to set up an event and ask biker girls or biker dudes out. Biker dating ranges widely from a casual date of two in a cafe, to a meet up of a bunch of friends in a bar or even a huge wally where hundreds of both veteran bikers and biker amateurs are gathered together to share the joy the motorcycle riding.

Biker online dating is known for its high efficiency and great chance of meeting other motorcycle lovers, but it can also be frustrating when the website requires a fortune at the start of registration. Good new, not so with Harley Dating Site. The expert matchmaker for bikers proposes a free trial of 90 days and won’t charge a dime, which leaves biker singles who are still hesitating enough time to make a decision.

Plenty of bikers - Find single bikers for love and fun is dedicated in helping single bikers/Harley Davidson riders to connect with like-minded singles from the world wide. Since launched in 2001, the website never stopped in optimizing the site features to be more abundant and efficient. On the other hand, Plenty of Bikers was more and more simple and intriguing in looking. It's easy and quick for users to use. Visitors can create a profile with a photo album without payment. Then you can use free search tool to check how many users are in your area. If you find some potential match you may add them to favorite list. Some free contact tools like send wink to users, post comments to profiles, photos and blog/forum. And free members can check some lists to see who is interested in them. Many other free features can help users to find potential match. If you want to get full access to all features and  enjoy priority in customer services, you may upgrade to gold member easily.

This website claims to have over 500,000 Harley riders now. It seems a big population of bikers in this community. 1:1 female to male biker singles on the site and most of them are well-educated with median incomes for your choice. And Plenty of Bikers has allied with more than 700 Harley motorcycle clubs in US, UK, Canada and Australia. It's no doubt to be the paradise for people who are passion for motorcycle especially Harley Davidson.They can share their biker life, find like-minded friends to go riding with, even developed to be biker lovers and to be long-time relationship or marry partner. Life is full of surprises. Why not take a small step to start a magical biker dating experience?

Sign up for free
It is totally free to join in the site by offering a valid email address, username, password, age, height, gender and location. You can successfully get an account after submitting this page. Then you can continue the following steps to create a profile. Of course it's OK to come back later to finish next steps. A tempting profile with impressive photos can help you in drawing more attention from other users. So you need to  take some time to finish all the requesting area. Don't worry, these pages are simple and neat with the drop and drag operation. It could be happy and interesting to answer some funny question. At any time, you may come to your profile page to add more information or update some answer.  If you have new photos, you can easily upload them to make your profile fresh and active. Then the system will show your profile topper in the search results. With a complete profile, now you can start to search and browse profiles and enjoy other features at the website.

Search tools include quick search and advanced search. It's easy and soon to find local users and users who match your search criteria. Other search items is also helpful like search by Username, Backseat Or Passenger, Location, New Members, Compatible Matches and Reverse Matches.

Plenty of Bikers offers a pile of lists that is easy for you to find people who liked/interested in you. These lists include who is Winked at me, Emailed Me, Viewed Me, Interested in Me, Requested my Photo, Liked my photo, My Favorites and so on. Check single bikers in these lists, you could feel closer to them. If you happened to find some one you like, congratulation. You are only one step from your successful dating story with a like-minded motorcycle babe. Just initiate the contact with them, love is waiting for you.

Main Features
After login with registered account, you can get access to "MyAccount" page where all features and functionality are listed in the top and left navigation bar. You can check the newly contacts from others in Emails, Winks, Messages, Notifications. Red marked number means how many newly unread contacts there is. In the main part of the page, Latest Activities show all photos of users who newly update profile, uploading photo or add some message in biker blog/biker forum. Further more, The website filtered some profile of single biker girl or biker man according to the criteria users filled in registration pages. Users can check interested biker ladies or biker dude easily by clicking on their photo or username.

Unique Features
As a professional matchmaking website, Plenty of Bikers knows every needs of our Harley men or motorcycle love girl. See the following customized biker services, can the website move your heart? Like it or not, they are popular for most male motorcycle riders and women motorcycle riders.

Biker Date Ideas: helpful information to know about dating skills
Biker Video: Show and share biker videos with biker fellows
Biker Tattoo Show: Pictures of your own tattoo and view others'Tattoo
Biker Dating Advice: professional advice for your reference
Motorcycle Photos: Platform to show your loved motorcycle
Certified biker: Real and trustful users who verified motorcycle driving licensed by the website.

Success Stories
Many users would love to share their real love story of how they found their match or another half at Plenty of Bikers. They also show their wedding photos. These love stories for biker single male and biker girl encourage users to be more confident in finding their own biker lover.

Safety and Security:
For an online dating platform, it's the most important thing to offer the safe environment for users. But most sites don't realize about this. While on Plenty of Bikers there are a complete set of policies to eliminate fake one or scammer. Personal data and payment information are confident on this site.

Customer Services:

For any problem, users can get the instant and efficient solution. FAQ pages show the answer of essential and typical questions. Contact by email or online chat can be more detailed. 24/7 toll free phone number is available for directly communication with support staff.

How to Cope With Online Rejection for Single Bikers

It is common to be rejected when you are finding biker date on online biker dating sites. But even if you have been rejected for several times, you may also get confused, starring at the screen and wondering why. Sometimes, the biker you were interested in just dropped the conversation, even when you thought things were going fine. Here are some helpful tips for single motorcycle riders to keep in mind when they are rejected online.

  • Don’t forget it’s the Internet

There is no need to be upset or disappointed about being rejected. The biker you are interested in may not look as good as their pictures or profiles appear. Or maybe he or she is not a real biker at all. So, never pay too much to someone you’ve never met in person.

  • Remember everyone has been or will be rejected

Don’t take it personally or try to think you are not good enough. In online dating field, most biker member has been rejected and the rest will be rejected in the future. So, just fix your broken heart and continue to find bikers who can be the only one in your life.

  • Did you do something to allow that happen?

There is a chance that you are the one who makes your date to leave away. Did you say something inappropriate? Did you appear to be overly aggressive? Did you offense her or him? There are lots of reasons to make a single biker reject another. Except for blaming others, try to find out the possible reasons from yourself.

  • Just keep going on

Remember that there is no time for you to regret that you have missed your perfect biker date in your life. Since he or she doesn’t interested in you, you are not the one for them. So, you just need to keep looking for another one who may be right around the corner waiting for you.

They may have met another one that they think is better than you
One of the advantages of online dating is that everyone is free to find the date based on their requirements. So, single bikers have no right to stop someone from dating others, even if you have had a great chatting time.

  • Be relax

Maybe the biker member who has rejected you will come back. At that time, you can continue to date with him or her if you are really into that motorcycle rider, or you can reject him or her if you have moved on from that.

Where to meet biker singles to ride out or love

There is no doubt that the best place to meet biker singles for riding out or love is the biker dating site. With the changing of biker lifestyle, more and more single motorcyclists are willing to search their biker partner on the dating sites for single bikers, which is the most popular trend in the bikers’ world. However, you must realize that not all biker dating websites are good and suitable for you, so you need to choose the best one according to your true condition. Here we recommend the top 3 biker dating sites in the world to you. Perhaps, you can choose one right site for yourself to date a biker man or biker woman.


This is a comprehensive dating site for bikers, because it will provide a variety of exciting, interesting, and generous dating services for you, such as the Biker Tattoo Show, Biker Forums and so on. It means that you can not only find your best matches by searching pages, but also can take part in many biker events to enrich your biker life. It is one of the biggest biker dating websites in the world which has millions of members. Due to this, it’s easy for you to look for a like-minded motorcycle rider or expand your eyes to know more about the motorcycle world. Anyway, it is a perfect site for motorcycle enthusiasts to share their happiness and passion.


When you click it and enter the home page, you may feel amazed by its clear design. Because, there are only two colors with red and black which can help you find what you want in the shortest time. You have to admit that it is the most professional biker dating site in recent years. You will not see any unnecessary or confusing content in this site, because of its sole aim which is assisting every biker single to find their biker soul mate. So if you don’t want to understand more about other things and just want to mingle with bikers, just go to sign up it right away.


Just as its name implies, it is another professional and outstanding dating site only serving Harley motorcycle riders. When you are busy looking for your biker lover, you can learn many Harley riding skills on this site at the same time. Because it will offer you lots of motorcycle riding knowledge, such as the tips for motorcycle trip. So if you are a Harley Davidson motorcycle enthusiast, this site is the best choice for you to start your new future.
As we know, each site has its own characteristics, but the most important thing is that you have to find the one right site for yourself, then you will successfully date a biker online. Please take an action now.